Virtual Production

What is Virtual Production?

Virtual Production (VP) is where game engine technology and digital filmmaking intersect. VP blends video game technology with filmmaking throughout the entire filmmaking process.

Image of a virtual production stage and set. The setting is a tropical beach. A man and a woman sit in beach chairs under an umbrella, relaxing, staring out into the ocean.

Access to anywhere in the world

This new technology also removes many of the creative boundaries that exist with more conventional methods of production. It allows us to fully customize a set - in any location. We can use pre-visualization and virtual site survey techniques to customize and modify our set in seconds.  We easily create and modify environments that previously existed only in our imagination. Not to mention the flexibility of creating environments that are not possible in the real world... Imagine the creative possibilities utilizing an 8-hour long sunset. 

Have a watch

As seen in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, rewatch our live demonstration as we explain how the combination of Unreal Engine, practical elements, LED walls and sophisticated camera tracking systems are transforming live action video production.

Unprecedented creative control.

Unlimited locations, no company moves.

Access to anywhere in the world.