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The Project

We worked with VMware to develop the inaugural Head Mounted Display XR experience, helping management employees at VMware better understand the best way to communicate with and coach their direct reports. The final product was to be delivered on Pico Neo 2 VR headsets to over 1000 managers in a pilot test of this technology.

The Solution

Utilizing new Virtual Production and live compositing techniques, we overcame the production restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our 3D team built a photo-real model of an actual VMware conference room. Actors were filmed individually to ensure the safety of their performance. Live compositing with earlier actor performances allowed the director to ensure eyeline and positioning within the virtual environment. The live composite was then fed remotely to VMware observers in San Francisco.

The Takeaways

This live action integration with visual effects generated by Unreal Engine creates an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for our creative storytellers. Capturing real-time visual effects in camera takes away much of the lighting uncertainty and live compositing removes the guesswork of green screen post-production compositing. These challenges are replaced by greater control on set and access to locations and environments that may not have been previously affordable or even possible.

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