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The Project

Sumaavi entrusted Miller Creative with the task of designing and developing a website that not only embodied empathy but also provided users with a safe haven for connection and learning.

Establishing Our Users

The journey launched by collaborating with the client to define a set of user personas, spanning from young women discovering they have MRKH to more experienced individuals living with the condition, and encompassing parents as well.

The following phase involved mapping out the user experience, considering the optimal initial site content to greet users, and developing a seamless pathway for users to explore coaching plans or enroll for memberships.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

With the user personas and website flow firmly established, the team transitioned to crafting low-fidelity wireframes. This approach facilitated the composition of web pages, identification of essential elements, and collation of preliminary Stakeholder feedback.

Applying the Brand

This careful integration of Sumaavi's brand elements throughout the website not only established a visually unified experience but also reinforced the emotional connection between the organization and its audience, enhancing the overall impact of the platform.

high fidelity wireframes

After receiving approval for the low-fidelity wireframes, the MC team embarked on the task of infusing the Sumaavi brand essence into the site's design, breathing life into what were initially mundane, monochromatic wireframes.

In parallel, we diligently focused on prototyping the website, with a keen eye on ensuring a harmonious user journey across all pages. This phase entailed numerous iterations and the occasional page overhaul, as our initial concepts didn't always align with our desired outcomes. With the ultimate objective of facilitating seamless membership registration, we painstakingly fine-tuned the flow and page layouts to ensure optimal user satisfaction.


Upon securing approval for the high-fidelity wireframes and prototype, we seamlessly transitioned to the development phase. Leveraging the capabilities of Webflow, our development process became exceptionally efficient. This platform enabled us to concentrate on translating the design, seamlessly integrating interactive elements and animations, while the intricate coding work happened effortlessly behind the scenes. This approach proved invaluable when it came to ensuring the site's responsiveness – a crucial aspect, highly valued not only by our team but also by our client.

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